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Taking into account that our precast tank services are essentially the backbones of our company here at San Luis Valley Precast, it's no wonder why we invest the amount of time and effort we do into casting our products.

Our refusal to cut corners coupled with our innovative approach towards our customized and general precasting services have afforded us both positive reviews and a positive impact on the communities we strive to serve.


We work hard to present you with the best precast renderings possible. Our precast septic tanks are a special point of pride; we value the quality, durability, and longevity of our concrete products as highly as we value the other core ethics that make San Luis Valley Precast what it is today. Our products enjoy longevity due to design & structure, and the tanks are specifically designed to prevent buoyancy and leakage.


For the convenience of our clients across Southern Colorado, we make it a point to keep a substantial stock of 1000, 1250 and 1500 gallon septic tanks in addition to our 500 gallon lift stations and 1500 gallon pump tanks in order to meet your project plans.


If our inventory of general precast pieces is insufficient for your project, we are proud to offer custom casts as well. With constantly changing regulations, it can be a challenge to find pieces you need. Take advantage of the custom casting solutions that our professionals can make.

Septic Tanks

Grease Traps/Interceptors

Vault Tanks


Lift Stations

Concrete Risers

Parking Blocks/Stops


Grade Rings



Having been an authority regarding all things septic related for several decades and after building relationships with a variety of dealers, it was only natural to pass that product procurement on to our neighboring contractors and communities. Let us know what you want, and our staff can gladly load your truck or trailer.


We are proud to now offer a wide array of materials, supplies, and products crucial to all of the industries we serve; including septic and sewage systems, water systems, and excavation. Sizes range from ¾ inch upward for pipe & fittings.


For any "special" products, supplies, or materials that we do not currently have in stock, we encourage you to reach out to our staff directly to place a custom order, including Gould Pumps for higher demand systems or Eljen Mats in custom applications.

PVC Piping & Fittings

Pex Waterline Piping & Fittings

Tuf-tite Septic Tank Riser

Polylok Septic Tank Risers

Infiltrator Chambers

Orenco Pump Systems

Effluent/Grinder/Sewage Pumps

Cast Iron Rings & Covers

Poly Cistern Tanks

Poly Septic Tanks

Control Panels, Floats, Alarms

Effluent Filters



It can be inconvenient to haul twenty-foot sticks of pipe or stacks of chambers for a drain field. Let our drivers deliver to your site! Our delivery service gives you the convenience of having the complete package delivered at once. Our steel reinforced concrete tanks range between 10,000 and 14,000 pounds, so our knowledgeable drivers and specialized delivery trucks are the best option to set the tank or deliver sand for you.


We ask that holes be prepared prior to our tank delivery. If everything is ready on site, our men should be able to set the tank in half an hour or less once they arrive. Please prepare a flat, readily accessible area for the truck to sit beside the hole as they set the tank. Click the link or call our office for a copy of our Tank Installation Guide.


For contractors with the equipment to haul and set tanks, we are glad to load your truck or trailer in our yard, utilizing one of our trucks or forklifts. Please call ahead to let us know when you will arrive and we will ensure someone is ready to load you. Note: In order to safely lift the tank once loaded, a spreader bar will be needed.

Alamosa County

Rio Grande County

Mineral County

Saguache County

Costilla County

Conejos County

Gunnison County

Huerfano County

Las Animas County

Hinsdale County

If you have any additional inquiries regarding inventory and availability, precast concrete or septic services, or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please give us a call.